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 Live After Divorce
Life after divorce can be the opportunity to live exactly the life your heart desires.

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Life After Divorce

Marriage brings changes and mostly positive expectations in life. Unlike it, divorce is putting life upside down.
The process is painful, even though it's your decision.
Not only are you battling with external judgments, but your inner battle is often more terrible.
If you have children, the after-marriage brings more tribulations.
You are eating by guilt, sadness, anger, resentment, and shame. The list is endless.

What else is possible now?
How can you bounce back?
How can you move on?
How can you love again?
How can you let go of anger, resentment, and stress?
How can you live after divorce?
These classes will first show you how to let go of all these feelings and inner conflicts that are holding you back and making your life more miserable.
Then, you will learn how to handle external judgments and rebuild self-confidence. Finally, you will understand that you can take this new opportunity to build the life your heart desires.
Join us for these seven classes every 
Thursday from 12 to 1
6 Classes of one hour followed by 1 Class of Q&A

Classes begin Thursday, March 2nd, and will be recorded and can be replayed.
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