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October 18- 21, 2020: Three-day Breathwork Retreat Inner Peace - Outer Chaos

by Dr. Judith Miller at Casa San Carlos Delray Beach, Florida 


Dr. Judith Miller, Columbia University professor of spiritual psychology and human development, and spiritual teacher and leader of Holotropic Breathwork retreats around the world, will be bringing her work to Casa San Carlos Retreat Center in beautiful, quiet, and warm Delray Beach, Florida.

Holotropic Breathwork is strong, and yet gentle method which combines powerful meditation, artwork, cross-cultural and inspirational music, energy release, bodywork, psycho-emotional integration, spiritual guidance, and depth psychology. A unique group of creative committed and interesting seekers from around the world will come together in a transformative healing field.

During this all-inclusive retreat, participants will engage in two Breathwork experiences each - as both a breather and a sitter. Processing and integrating their experiences of expanded consciousness into their personalities and everyday lives will be emphasized. Discerning the positive from the negative – both within and outside of the self -- will be a theme for discussion during the three days.

Columbia University Alum, please register at

January  2021 - Art de Vivre Retreat  

Embrace & Enjoy Your Uniqueness - Hawaii 7 days 


Art de Vivre is a full Mind-Body Reset & Reconnect where you will enjoy the magic of Hawaii as well as several practitioners very unique healing practices.

Please pre-register at

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